Garmin Firmware Patch for

changing Language on

60/76 and eTrex US units

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Version 1.5 Redesign of version 1

  • Added version number check for file

  • Added turkey language for 60/76 CX/CSX 3.5 and up and Vista serie Hcx 2.3

  • Added support for eTrex Vista/Venture/Legend(russian) HCx

  • Change design


Tested on:
GPSmap 60 CSX
GPSmap 76CSX
Etrex Vista HCx

How to use

  • This program is used on your own risk, the author is not responsible for any damage on your computer or Garmin units.

  • This version is tested with Garmin Firmware version 3.60 for GPSmap 60/76 CX/CSX
    and ETrex Vista HCX version 2.30

  • There has been some problems with this program for users in Czech Republic. I have problem solving this since I don't manage to reprocess the error. Hope someone in Czech can help if the problem still resists in the new version

  1. First download the last version of the firmware file from Garmin, Download (select your garmin device in the list)

  2. Unpack the setup file to a directory of your choice using

  3. Write the filename with full path or use Find button to find and select the right unit file

  4. Select the 4 languages of your choice

  5. Press the button Patch

  • If you get any error in the information window please report the error message to with a copy of your unit software

  • This software is Freeware

Stuff you might need

Microsoft.NET Framework v 2.0

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